EXO – Growl MV Review

The Music Videos (Korean and Chinese version) for “Growl” were released yesterday.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of EXO. I have never been overly impressed with their previous releases as well. On top of that, there are just too many of them, I can’t remember all their names, so I could not make myself to invest that much time and effort into them. It’s like getting to know about Super Junior all over again.

However, this song is of another level. I liked the song on first listen, it’s so damn catchy, I can’t stop replying it.

I don’t often bother with other versions of the same song. When I decided to click on the Korean MV, I told myself to ignore the Chinese version. But after watching the Korean MV, I could not resist. Both the MVs have similar themes, both used the ONE-TAKE techniques. It’s relatively simple, as far as the MVs go, but it probably took more efforts than usual. Think about it, the boys had to be perfect from the beginning to the end, or else, they had to retake. Make that times TWO, for the Chinese version as well.

I am in dilemma. I can’t decide which Music Video I like better. Honestly, I prefer the Korean version of the song better, but for the Music Video, they are both awesome. But for the purpose of this review, I will focus on the Korean version.



The boys are separated into two groups of six members (I’m assuming it’s EXO-K and EXO-M, do let me know if I am wrong), wearing chic school uniforms. I like how similar the boys look, yet different.

I cannot choose which group I like more, I like EXO as a whole. I hope they continue promoting in twelve members.




Then of course, both teams came together to perform an awesome choreography together.

Instead of focusing on individual members, I actually prefers EXO as a group. They are one solid team, despite the big amount of members in the group. Them boys are killing those complicated moves.

You know how most Korean songs have at least one dance move that stand out, this song has none of that. The choreography for “Growl” is so complicated that it’s only enjoyable to watch, but not to follow.

And to top it off, the boys are up there in terms of synchronization. I have nothing to criticize.



And the two members that stood out in the MV for me are D.O. and Xiumin.

WHY, you ask me?

Because they look small and cute in their respective groups. Really. Plus, D.O. is my bias in EXO.

Of course the other boys look good as well, especially KAI, without that dreadful dreadlocks in “Wolf” MV, and SEHUN (because he is just so good-looking).

The Music Videos made me curious about EXO, and I want to get to know them better now, especially Tao (there is something about him).

Hopefully, I will remember all twelve members by heart by their next release.

As for now, “GROWL” is definitely EXO’s best track for me, and D.O. is still my number one cutie in EXO.


So nobody can look at you (when you smile)
I want to hide you inside my embrace (I’m so serious)
The stares that are after you
Wakes up inside me
There’s a harsh/fierce swirl/storm


Is it just me or Korean males are really protective of their girls, at least from the song lyrics. I am sure that thing song is not the only one with such lyrics too.

Lastly, please do check out the Chinese version of “Growl” as well, it is as wonderful as its Korean counterpart.


3 thoughts on “EXO – Growl MV Review

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  2. “I’m assuming it’s EXO-K and EXO-M, do let me know if I am wrong” Actually it’s not, they kinda mixed the member so the coreography could go well when they sing both Chinese and Korean…
    The Chinese and Korean version each has different positioning and blocking choreography.

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